Controlling at sea

It takes more than just plotting a course to steer a vessel at sea. There are many control panels on ships. The panels help to control many different functions on board. This is another field, in which Tricon Electric excels.

Shipping is a very special industry. There are very precise rules and regulations that apply only at sea. As our oceans are aggressive environments, maritime equipment has to be very hard-wearing. There is no point in installing a control panel that cannot withstand the high seas. Every part of a system – communications, functions and monitoring devices – must work perfectly if the vessel is to bring cargo and crew safely ashore.

Some suppliers fail to make the grade. If you do not deliver high quality, you are not reliable enough for the maritime sector. Thanks simply to the high standards of stability and safety of our products, Tricon Electric has been maritime sector supplier for many years. Even in the roughest weather.

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