Control and structure

Efficient day-to-day operation of your company depends on a reliable internal transport system. This is true regardless of whether you move beverages, bolts or suitcases.

Tricon Electric is your supplier of choice when you need to manage your infrastructure, even when you are talking about very large-scale projects. We have many years’ experience of developing control panels for baggage handling systems in airports across the globe and we have helped many manufacturing companies to achieve optimal flow on their production lines.
Our clients feel the benefits of our extensive experience. You feel it in the quality of our work and services, and reliable operations. You will also discover that Tricon Electric is more than a sub-supplier. We are your partner.

We have supplied control panels to innumerable airport logistics systems and we have delivered large-scale solutions to warehouse and post order companies across the globe. We have helped many Danish and foreign industrial enterprises to manage and monitor their internal logistics. We resolve many types of tasks, including the prototype and parts for existing machinery. We develop solutions in close cooperation with you, our client, and we remain faithful to the drawings you have in your briefcase.

In a word, we build concepts in partnership with you and produce precisely what is needed to resolve the task.

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