Start and stop when you want

Your process machinery has to start and stop. Of course it does. If you allow us to help, we can also ensure that your machinery can be adjusted to do much more.

At Tricon Electric, we make machine panels, which can control your process equipment. We make sure that you have more to choose from than just ON and OFF. Our machine panels allow you to run your system precisely. They are adjusted to match your production – with the right stop and start frequencies, the right conveyor speed, correct stoppage procedures and a great deal more.

We always start with a good chat about your needs so that we can identify the options before we start to install buttons and cabling. It may well be that your equipment includes unexpected opportunities for you to optimise production and it might well be possible for us to get it to do more than just stop and start. There are always multiple options – let us help you to find them.

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