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The three spheres – symbolic of our values

At Tricon, we use the image of three spheres to symbolise our values.

As our name also suggests, Tricon was founded by three people. Three people with common attitudes and a common goal.

The three spheres also symbolise movement. At Tricon, we never stand still. We are constantly in motion. We move not only of our own will, but also in response to external influence.
As a small sphere moves towards the light, it casts a long shadow – symbolising that even a small company, an individual or a little detail can have a lasting effect and be of great importance to the success of a major project.
The shadows also remind us that everything we do has an effect on our clients, suppliers and partners – and that we are therefore obliged to take every perspective into account in every task we are involved in.


Tricon provides its customers with optimal solutions by serving as a dynamic business partner.

Four core values

At Tricon, we have four core values. They are interconnected in a spirit of honesty and transparency:

No skeletons in our cupboards – We focus directly on the client and maintain high professional and ethical standards. We do nothing that may cause difficulties for someone else.

Earning ten cents from the customer ten times is better than earning a dollar once – We do not make smart business. Our customers must view Tricon as their trusted partner. We conduct business transparently and avoid misunderstandings.

Work is a great place to be – We work with a smile and interact in positive ways. We work together to achieve common goals and we avoid building boundaries between divisions. We are proud of our workplace and happy to work here.

We are constantly in motion – We are ready for change and willing to adapt consistently to new demands from markets and customers. We also focus on following the new technology.

Company information

Tricon Electric A/S
Tricon Electronics

Gejlhavegård 1, 6000 Kolding, Danmark

Manager Kenneth Lund
Sales Morten Hauge,
Klaus Ovesen
Telefon +45 79330000
E-Mail tricon@tricon.dk
CVR Nummer DK 15 76 35 82
P-Nummer 1000974488

Tricon Hungary kft.

Bagoly u.7, 9028 Györ, Hungary

Managing Director Kovacs Zoltan
Telefon +36 96 411734
E-Mail tricon@tricon.dk
CVR Nummer 08-09-018555

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