Writing apps that work

A clear overview in a simple app – and no tricky diversions.

Tricon Data makes tracking the work processes at your company as easy as ABC. We develop apps for all types of mobile devices, so that your employees can get a picture of production status here and now and can nip problems in the bud.
Your customised app can show you if your production plans hold water, if there are bottlenecks under way or if an individual department is lagging behind. Everything is easy, simple and transparent.

We develop an app that is easy to use, e.g. on a PDA or tablet, and customised to the day-to-day working conditions at your company. If you wish, we can focus on individual areas of production or we can take in the complete panorama. It is entirely up to you – the app is yours.

And of course we also make sure that your new app can communicate with other systems, e.g. in the event of a mechanical breakdown. We save you time – and money.

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