Finding errors before you do

Production errors are a constant risk and it is difficult to eliminate them entirely. However, errors can be tracked down and remedies before they get costly.

Tricon Data provides the ideal software solution, which helps you to ensure that your products are of uniformly high quality. At any scale you produce at.

When you have cameras to monitor key points in production, it is easy to keep tabs on the quality. Our software allows you to check selected batches automatically. Is this the right size, is the text on a product correct and legible? If a problem occurs, the system warns you immediately.
You have a constant and accurate picture of production. Discover errors early so they can be remedied before they become costly. You can adjust your automatic monitoring system to meet precise needs.

This is just an example. We can write software that is tailor-made to your company, so that you only have to click once to find and remedy the errors.

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