Making the pieces fit

Software and IT are something of a jigsaw puzzle – in large companies and SMEs alike. The risk that there is a piece missing or that you end up with a square piece in a round hole is unavoidable.

What you need is software that is adapted to your company and makes life easier without producing red figures on the bottom line. You also have to keep a sharp eye on IT security so that you prevent unauthorised visitors from dropping in via the network.

At Tricon Data, we are accustomed to making all the IT pieces fit. We are Microsoft-certified and approved to develop software that works with these systems. If you have large-scale production that runs 24/7, if you are a craftsman who needs to keep tabs on working hours, or if you need to manage the amount of fodder you feed your livestock, we can help you – and, of course, we make sure that your new software can be integrated with other systems, e.g. ERP, if you wish.

We always take your thoughts and needs as our starting point. Then we develop the software that can resolve your problem simply and always in a way that it is easy to use in your daily work.

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