Letting your customers decide for themselves

Your customers want to decide things for themselves. Your customers want a unique solution that is perfectly adapted to their daily lives. And your customers want to know in advance what they are going to get.

Enter Tricon Data! We can in fact help you to give your customers a list of options and allow them to choose for themselves.

Whether you need to know the width and breadth of a wardrobe, maximum capacity at a reinforced concrete factory or a list of accessories for a new vehicle, Tricon Data develops programs that ensure that the user can make valid combinations of options and guide him or her through the options using help texts, images and documentation.

These services are not only popular with private consumers. If, for example, you are a sub-supplier to large industrial and manufacturing companies, you and your customer can also benefit. Customers are happy when they have freedom of choice, no matter where they are in the chain.

In IT, we call this product configuration. What it means is that we make software that showcases your products and your customers’ options in the best possible way. You find it easier to sell, they find it easier to choose.

Contact us here and let us make your products visual. Bring your customers closer to a good deal.

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