Helping you to think ahead

Electronics development is a lengthy process. It is therefore important that the solutions we help to bring to light survive for more than just a few months.

It is not enough to make a product hard-wearing (this goes without saying). It is also important to choose components that will not be obsolete within a short time period.

Tricon Electronics thinks ahead. We follow developments at our suppliers very closely to ensure that they have all the parts we need to develop your electronics. We have a clear picture of what components will be available in the future. This means that you avoid the risk of having a final product that cannot be put into production because key components have suddenly vanished from the order lists.

We strive to think forward all the time. The components require for your project must be of the right quality and they must be available for a long time. There is nothing to be gained from purchasing cheap components if they wear out fast and are unobtainable after a few months.
We are versatile and reliable – and we think ahead.

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