Making your project ours

At Tricon Techsoft, we are pleased to receive complete project proposals and set assignments. If you wish, or if you do not have the capacity to do the preliminary footwork, we are also pleased to help supply the necessary project management and control so that your ideas can be realised. We are willing to engage in a professional dialogue from your initial idea until the task is well defined. In a process of this kind, you can rest assured that Tricon will leave no stone unturned: we will examine all the technical aspects in order to create the best possible solution.

You will find that we assume responsibility for your project. We will assign an automation engineer, project manager or software architect to your project. He or she will not falter until the project has achieved its goals. This means that you will constantly be in direct contact with the person who knows precisely how work is progressing and what kinds of challenges you can expect to face in the process. We communicate efficiently and you have a designated partner, who takes co-ownership of your project from Day One.

Your project is in our safe and responsible hands, while you take care of managing it. Typical Tricon Techsoft.

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