OEM Electronics control systems and

OEM electronics for the industry

Tricon offers more than 40 years of expertise and know-how

within development, production and commissioning

of electrical control systems, electronical products and components.

OEM Electronics control systems and panels

Design and production of electrical control systems. For industrial and production machinery.


Development and production of customised and industry-specific electronics.

Cable customisation

Customised cable sets tailored to the specific task.   

Consultancy and consulting services

Access highly specialised knowledge within design, calculation and standards. 

Project management and ongoing productions

Concepts for optimal, current production and handling of major projects with continuous follow-up. 

Commissioning, upgrading and installation

Our specialists ensure smooth commissioning and servicing of existing installations. 

Quality assurance, optimisation and testing

Tricon delivers quality products worldwide in compliance with applicable certifications and legislation.


Proud of the past - ready for the future

Tricon is a family-owned company based on high professionalism and development of customised solutions. We have long-standing relationships - with our customers as well as with our employees. Our values give us a strong foundation to ensure our continuous development and drive. 

Tricon - who are we?

Tricon has its headquarters, development and production in Kolding and a specialised production department in Hungary and is a modern company and workplace. Our special set-up makes us competitive in quality, delivery time, consultancy and price, and more than once, we have been chosen as the "Supplier of the Year" by our customers.  

Our values and history

Although Tricon is always on the move, our core values are as old as the company.

Our history

It all began in 1981 when three colleagues decided to set up their own company, Tricon Styre-og Reguleringsteknik. 

Our workplace

Going to work should be fun. Even though we at Tricon are a diverse group of people, we join forces every day to make the workday a good one with room for fun, friendship and achievement. 


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Gejlhavegård 1, DK-6000 Kolding


About Tricon

Commitment, development and persistence for more than 40 years have made Tricon A/S one of the industry's leading suppliers of electrical control systems, electronics and know-how. 


+45 79 33 00 00


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