Electrical control systems and panels for all applications and the most demanding environments

Tricon designs and manufactures electrical control systems and panels for all applications and industries. For example for the windturbine industry, sorting systems, the manufacturing industry, agriculture and themarine industry. Those are industries and sectors where the reliability and uptime of the panel are crucial while the environment can be challenging.

In-house production and experience provide reliability

Tricon manufactures panels in its own factories in Denmark and Hungary. Our employees have many years of experience and knowledge of standards and quality assurance, and we have anything from automation and electrical engineers to experienced semi-skilled workers to call on when a task requires special qualifications. That is why we design and manufacture electrical control systems and panels for many different applications and industries. Among other things, we offer:

  • Production of large and small series - from one custom-made unit to thousands of units with the possibility of flexible delivery. 
  • Power distribution boards up to 6.300 Amp. Built in e.g. Cubic modular systems.
  • Panels and control systems that are quality-controlled according to relevant standards, including UL standard, EU and ISO 9001. 
  • Ready-made cable sets for uniform installation.
  • Ultra-short and flexible delivery times. 

We build the panels from quality components and test assemblies as well as functions before the panels leave the factory. Our customers can rest assured that the panels live up to their requirements and request - every time. 

Some of the industries where we are currently among the preferred suppliers are: 

Green energy / Wind turbines / Solar cells / Power-to-X - require i.a. reliability as even brief breakdowns can be very costly and difficult to manage.

Sorting systems - require i.a. reliability as even brief breakdowns can be very costly and difficult to manage.  

Food and pharmaceuticals - make high demands on i.a. cleaning and hygiene.

Data centre - requires i.a. unmatched uptime as servers are never shut down. 

Tech companies - require i.a. unmatched uptime as servers are never shut down. 

Tricon electrical controls

Different industries and companies have different needs. Tricon can design and make electrical control systems, panels and automation solutions that match the physical environment, the desired functionality and industry-specific standards and requirements. Tricon manufactures i.a.: 

  • Control panels
  • Process panels
  • Distributing panels

Manufacturing companies and machine builders - require i.a. that the design can be adapted to the environment and space constraints while the solutions often need to handle large and sudden flow fluctuations

Agriculture and transport - require i.a. solutions that can tolerate dust and continuous vibrations, and fire safety is often a factor as well.

Marine and offshore - require i.a. solutions that can tolerate sea air with high humidity and salt content.  

Military applications - require i.a. solutions that can tolerate impacts from attacks and explosions - including solutions that can tolerate impacts up to 6 g-force. 

A good dialogue leads to good cooperation

and good solutions

We succeed because we are our customers' preferred supplier and partner. We are therefore happy to contribute with our know-how to the design and optimisation of electrical control systems and panels for your company's specific needs. We often start the process by visiting your company to see the environment where the solutions will operate. We gain valuable knowledge of the needs, requirements and specifications. 

Dialogue and matching of expectations result in a good process and good results. We therefore invest time in developing a good customer relationship from the outset.   

Would you like to know more about Tricon and our production of electrical control systems and panels? Contact us today and we'll help you decide whether we are the right partner for your business. Call +45 7933 0000 or send an email to tricon@tricon.dk.        

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