About Tricon 

Commitment, development and persistence for more than 40 years have made Tricon A/S one of the industry's leading suppliers of electrical control systems, electronics and know-how to the industry, trade and manufacturing companies. High quality, flexibility, reliability of delivery, customised solutions and a stable partner are Tricon's trademarks.  

Aircraft carriers in the Indian Navy, baggage sorting systems in airports around the world and offshore wind turbines in the North Sea. Tricon control systems, regulators, electronics and cable kits can be found in countless applications. We often deliver to industries and sectors that have specific requirements for quality, durability and life as breakdowns can be costly and difficult to manage. 

Tricon therefore has extensive testing procedures to ensure that everything we deliver from the factory corresponds to agreements made.     

Customises solutions to specific needs 

Tricon specialises in providing customised solutions for industries with specific needs for security, robustness, know-how and stability. We supply everything from a single custom-designed unit to serial production runs with thousands of units. Our special set-up makes us competitive in quality, delivery time, flexibility and price which has led to us being elected "Supplier of the Year" by our customers more than once. A title that pleases and commits us. 

Tricon is a family-owned, value-driven and modern electronics company with more than 40 years of experience and specialist skills. 

Long-standing collaborations produce the best results

If you would like more information about Tricon, please read about our values, history and workplace. Tricon is more than a supplier - we are a flexible and loyal partner.

Would you like to know more about Tricon's solutions for your company? Are you interested in a tour? Do you have a specific need that you need solved? Contact us today and we'll help you determine whether we are the right supplier for your needs. Call +45 7933 0000 or email tricon@tricon.dk.

+45 79 33 00 00

Gejlhavegaard 1 , DK-6000 Kolding


About Tricon Electric A/S

Commitment, development and perseverance for more than 40 years have made Tricon one of the industry's leading suppliers of electrical controls, electronics and know-how


+45 79 33 00 00


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