Professional project management and delivery for major projects 

Tricon regularly provides consultancy, consulting services, control systems, components and electrical panels for major projects. We have an efficient workflow that ensures focus on quality, reliability of delivery and flexible distribution. Some of the projects to which we contribute span several years, and deliveries are coordinated with the progress of the project and other partners. 

A fixed team provides stability in deliveries and dialogue

Tricon is privileged to have a dedicated team with high professionalism who are passionate about working on large projects. This means that you will have a permanent contact who will manage the dialogue, involve the relevant competencies from the Tricon organisation and continuously follow up on deliverables and progress. As a project owner or manager, you will always have the support you need from Tricon. Experience shows that the result is profit and energy in the overall project when deliveries are constantly coordinated according to the project phases and progress just as we emphasise maintaining the dialogue throughout the project.

We are with you all the way

If you choose to initiate a project collaboration with Tricon, you can look forward to having a personal, professional and conscientious partner on your team. Tricon participates in: 

Tricon project

Among other things, we offer:

  • Calculations, preparation of drawings and bills of materials 
  • Design and production of prototype
  • FAT and approvals/adjustments
  • Ongoing delivery adapted to project progress and needs
  • Provision of documentation and approvals according to standards

A good dialogue leads to good cooperation

and good solutions

Our success depends on being our customers' preferred supplier and partner. For project collaborations, we assign a permanent contact person to the project to involve and coordinate competences from the rest of the organisation as the project can benefit from it.  

We are happy to consult our customers at all stages of a development project and to assist with the design and preparation of as-built documentation to ensure traceability and quality control. 

Would you like to know more about Tricon and the possibilities to start a project cooperation? Contact us today and we will help you determine whether we have the right skills to solve your task. Call +45 7933 0000 or send an email to       

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