Tricon's core values guide our development

Since its foundation, Tricon has been characterised by a strong, common set of values that helps us make decisions, put our customers at the centre of development and optimisation and make Tricon an inclusive and attractive place to work. 

Although times change, we have not changed our values and foundation. 

Our values

Rely on us

  • Focus on the customer and the customers’ needs
  • Maintain the highest integrity and honesty in everything we do
  • Never leave an unfinished job
  • Never do anything that is a burden to anyone or the environment
  • We must be honest with each other, the customers, and the suppliers

The artist Mads Borch says about the picture:

"The image expresses inclusiveness. There are clear lines/expectations looking towards the middle/yourself. Yet the image gives extra space so you can accommodate/tolerate even more. Give this tolerance to your surroundings"

Dedication and Employee Culture

  • Interact in a positive atmosphere and with a great sense of humor
  • Rely on each other - always work together to achieve common goals
  • Respect diversity and be inclusive
  • Be proud of our company and what we do

The artist Mads Borch says about the picture:

"The image expresses both movement and calm. The core is at rest and characterises the peacock concept, which is the company's core competence. All movement emanates from this state, so there is always something to fall back on."

Longtime Relations and Partnerships

  • We don't do "smart business"
  • Do not do “smart business” - always conduct fair pricing and business
  • All business should be conducted clearly without any misunderstandings
    • Create customer value by developing the products

The artist Mads Borch says about the picture:

"The image's intuition expresses the Indian karma: coins/balls and signals what you throw out well comes back well."

Continuously Development

  • Readiness to change is a part of our DNA
  • Develop your professional and personal skills
  • Constantly adapt to the market, customers’ needs and the environment
  • Acquire the latest technology

The artist Mads Borch says about the picture:

"The picture expresses joy of life and inner harmony. The picture does not concentrate on individual things, but shows a whole. It's about being a whole person with a great quality of life both in leisure time and at work."

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About Tricon Electric A/S

Commitment, development and perseverance for more than 40 years have made Tricon one of the industry's leading suppliers of electrical controls, electronics and know-how


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