We have fun - every day!

Tricon has chosen to make our employees, not the management, describe our workplace. The following is therefore the employees' description of a normal day at Tricon.

We can feel the values on a normal day

"When our management says we should have fun at work, they mean it - it's the way we are together. We have a workplace with a mix of highly skilled engineers and unskilled workers, but when we meet in the company, we're all equal and the wisecracks - and practical jokes - can come from all sides. Although we're mostly busy with our tasks, someone always has the time and energy for a bit of fun and gives us something to laugh about a couple of times during the day. There are more than a hundred of us, but nearly all of us know each other's names. That makes it easy to talk and joke around with each other. 

When we talk well together, we enjoy our work, but it also increases our quality and professionalism as everyone can easily come up with ideas for improvement or point out weaknesses. The engineer can learn just as much from the semi-skilled worker as the other way around, and that creates professional pride at all levels." 

Flexibility gives freedom

"At Tricon, we work with focus and dedication - but we also have the freedom to work when it makes the most sense. If you have tasks that can be completed at any time of the day, you are welcome to schedule your working hours when it suits you. Some like to get up early and come home early to their families. Others have a dental appointment that shouldn't cost them half a day off if the tasks can be done at another time. 

Tricon focuses on completing tasks as agreed and on keeping customers happy and satisfied. As long as we succeed in doing that, we have complete freedom. For some it takes special discipline to remember that freedom and flexibility also come with responsibility, but at Tricon we stand together for a high work ethic. That's why we also go the extra mile when our customers need it." 

Change and inclusiveness provide space for all

"Once you've become part of the community, saying goodbye can be hard. Many of our colleagues have been with Tricon for 20 or 30 years because there are great opportunities for development and adaptation to unite work and family life, hobbies and personal wants. No one is allowed to stop moving or to get stuck at Tricon. In return, we offer challenges and opportunities at many different levels.

The company's various departments and functions require different skills, and many have switched positions. We also have several good colleagues who have come to Tricon in cooperation with Kolding Municipality. It pleases us to see how long periods of unemployment and work capability assessments can be turned into job satisfaction and a belief in the future and how challenges such as illness or dyslexia can be handled with care, inclusiveness and patience from management and colleagues. We have a company with room for everyone who wants to be part of the community and to solve tasks."

If you would like to be part of the team and the pleasure that we take in our work, we are happy to receive both invited and unsolicited applications. 

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