Tricon International – the leading supplier of industrial solutions.

At Tricon we are innovative and progressive.
We are also keen to engage in professional sparring and partnerships. Each of our four divisions offers help and expertise within control panels, software development, electronics and a comprehensive range of electronic control and programming solutions. Let us help you every step of the way – from the bare bones of an idea to the finished product.

Click here to learn more about our four divisions – they have two things in common,
They are constantly improving – They focus on you.

Tricon Electric A/S


Baggage conveyors, wind turbines and process equipment – and much more besides. We design and build control panels for you…


Tricon Techsoft A/S


Consultancy- development- and execution of industrial automation projects.


Tricon Electronics A/S


Unique solutions in functional design. We have a strong team that develops, tests and manufactures electronic solutions.


Tricon Data


Allow your customers to assemble their own products – or use your apps to manage production processes..
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